• Fernanda Arreola

MyDualProject - Dual? Project?

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

In life we all have moments in which we need to make new choices... accept changes, and do everything that we can in order to succeed in the new adventure. 

We need a certain duality; embark on something new, while continuing our lives. 

We need a project; an objective, a deadline and the elements necessary to have this project come to a realisation. 

My Dual Project is a name that speaks for itself, and transmits what we are trying to achieve; help athletes worldwide prepare for their second, third, many other careers, with skills and competencies that are valuable and utilisable today!

We want to provide individuals, with the space to reflect on who they are (no, just as a mother is not just a mother, an athlete is not just an athlete), how do they project themselves in the future, and what are the elements necessary to achieve such dreams. 

In dreams begin responsibilities...

Responsibilities can become amazing projects. 

A life project of learning and an opportunity to continue to evolve! 

This is us.

Fernanda and Thomas

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